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Your Fall Basics

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My apologizes ahead of time for how many photos this post has. I haven’t shot with the boyfriend is a long while. It was really sweet, I wasn’t feeling like shooting at all. He came up with a few ways to perk me up.

1. Stick your tongue out, the face right after is money

2. Hold air in your cheeks and let it go, again the face after is awesome

I don’t know where he’s getting these ideas, but I’m loving them.


I don’t know if I’ve shared before but Josiah and I are completely opposite schedules. He works typically until 11. I get off at 530. So we don’t have a lot of overlap time together at home. On this particular afternoon he was home sick. He felt a little better around 4 so we grabbed thai food at our favorite spot. This type of food has a special spot for us. Our first date he took me to thai food for my first time. I was like “oh my, this guys is just so cultured!” haha.


Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t wait for fall because I liked wearing long sleeves and shorts together. At the time I probably just thought it was fun because it was something you could only wear a few times a year. I guess in a sense we are aware of what we wear even from a young age.

4 5 6

shorts: similar
button up: Gap
hats: similar
heels: similar
bag: Madewell


images by: Josiah


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