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Year 27

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I will say that I immediately feel older. I just started actually caring about saving money like 2 weeks ago. That sounds horrible. It’s just once you get your first job and don’t have a clear goal you are striving for, hardcore saving just doesn’t have a place. Now I have a goal and it feels good.


I’m not huge on astrology signs but I did see something the other day about how capricorns “age in reverse.” How interesting is that? I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he totally agreed. People always say things like “you’re an old soul” or “you have the best advice.” This is because I’m Benjamin Buttoning on you!


This color palette is really bringing home the bacon for me. Burnt orange, lavender, ice blue, blue/grey. Inspiration came from this pin. Jcrew, duh. Cheers to another year of health, creativity and new opportunities!


pants: anthropologie
coat: asos (on sale $60)
sweater: j.crew (sold out)
necklace: freestyle clothing exchange
boots: old navy (old)
purse: target (old)


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