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Wine Tasting Look

By : haley 0 Comments

On this particular afternoon, I was headed up to Auburn for the Grape Days of Summer event. I attended with Vanessa from Babe-Sicle, check out her fit here.The sun was blazing in the high country so I wanted a good wide brimmed hat. The boots came in handy when walking along the dusty roads.

It’s funny when you actually have time to get ready to see what you can come up with. I feel that 95% of the time when I’m getting ready I’m rushing out the door. Creativity takes time. This applies to any art form. So give yourself some time to experiment.

If and when I do have time to get ready I will often look up outfit ideas online. I found inspiration for this outfit from the Clothes Encounter Youtube channel. She wore a black maxi skirt, polka dot crop top, high waisted belt, boots and a beanie. I didn’t have an black maxi skirt but I did have a dress and a crop top. This is where styling comes in. I decided to layer a floral crop top over the dress. I got lucky because the silhouettes were similar and the dress was hardly noticeable on top.

You might spot a look or outfit you want to achieve. It’s easy to find an excuse like, “oh I don’t have that dress, skirt, etc. so I can’t make it work.” No, you can make it work. Improvising is to important when styling on a budget. I’ve seen thousands of fun printed maxi dresses this summer. But I decided to go with a simple black version because I knew it would lend to the most styling options. When approaching a new style, I tend to stick with the version that will lend its self to be most versatile.

p.s. I put a few dark streaks in my hair. What do you think?

black maxi dress: Forever21 // floral crop top: Urban Outfitters // booties: urban Outfitters // hat: Target