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When You’ve Got Errands to Run…

By : haley 13 Comments

It’s time to switch it up. We’ve done a ton of ultra girlie looks around these parts over the past few weeks. And well there’s another side of me you should know about: the weekend warrior. This is the kind of uniform I’d wear to run errands, meet friends for coffee or ride my bike around midtown. Shorts: Old Navy (similar) // Baseball Tee: Forever21 (similar) // Jean Vest: thrifted (similar) // Fedora: Thrifted (similar) // backpack: Shop Wasteland (similar, similar, similar) My mom gave me this backpack for Christmas to help accommodate my new basket less road bike. Since it’s leather I still feel sophiticated when wearing a backpack to afterwork events. It’s been a while since I could respectfully rock a wide brimmed hat. I’m so so so happy to have hats back in my life. Beanies, you’ve been fun but I’m ready to rekindle with my beloved hat club. What do you guys wear on weekends? How do you maintain a super casual look while still feeling put together? A structured hat and some lipstick do it for me!

13 thoughts on “When You’ve Got Errands to Run…”

  1. since i work from home i actually tend to get more dressed up on the weekends!

  2. This is very cute and fun. I like to wear heels on the weekend, otherwise I don’t. Rachel xo

  3. You. Are. Awesome.
    I love this look girl! And that vest- killer. Well, vests in general are the best things since sliced bread, really. Weekend looks are probably my favorite looks of all. And you totally nailed it. Still dying over those shoes…!

  4. Okay…you have the cutest hats! Love this one!

    xo Amy

  5. really cute hat! i’ve been itching to add a wide brimmed hat to my wardrobe. i just haven’t found the one. i usually wear simple comfortable dresses on the weekends. mostly because i wear an all black uniform to work during the week.
    xo jac

  6. i love this! that vest is such a great thrifted find!



  7. Love love love it all. I need a wide-brimmed hat!

  8. This is the perfect casual looks! Love the tennies!


  9. Great casual look dear, hat is perfect! How funny I’m a designer too!

  10. In love with your hat and denim vest!


  11. I wish I could rock a hat like you! This look is so cute!

  12. Hi, Hayley! I would like to comment on both of your posts this one and the latest, but unfortunately the latest one didn’t download 🙁 You look lovely as you always do, this outfit with shorts is super comfy and those slip ons are spot on here. And as to your latest outfit, I absolutely loved it, very beautiful the stripe peplum top is a real steal for me, the styling is wonderful, just loved it all! Wish you a very nice weekend ahead! <3 xoxo

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