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When I Need Strength

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We all have tough days where we have nothing left to give but life doesn’t stop. Here are few quick video resources I use to help fill up my cup, so I can keep on giving:

Gabrielle Bernstein: I come here to re-connect with my spiritual self. To stop leaning on my own understand and simply surrender.

I love these specific videos from her:
How to Change Your Mood in 60 Seconds
The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself
How to Do What You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Gary V: I come here when I need to get right with business. I’m either slacking on something and or need some real talk to step up my game. He does daily vlogs and drops a ton of useful entrepreneur advice.

I love these specific videos from him:
What to Do After College
His 10 Top Rules for Success
a 5 Minute Plea to DO
Entrepreneurship Keynote


The School of Life: I come here when I need insight on the world as a whole.

I love these specific videos:
Why Work is Easier Than Love
Two Minute Meditation

Living From the Heart: Creative Visualization. This video is super helpful for when you’re trying to visualize something new you want in your life.

The Most Inspirational Speeches of All Time: This is a 2 hour video with all the best audio speeches of all time. I once listened to this video for 10 hours straight. I completed more tasks than I ever have in my LIFE. I worked so long I actually messed up my wrist for 3 weeks after. So go easy– HA! This video will seriously help you get through anything!

Hope you can refer back to these in a time of need!

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