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what’s your #ootd?

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Let me start off by saying this was one of my favorite design projects I’ve worked on all year. As you know, I’m a graphic designer by trade, this is what I spend most of week doing at my job or for freelance projects. This opportunity was perfect for me because I got to combine my love of photography, fashion, design and project management. One of FUEL Creative Group’s clients, Arden Fair mall, was hosting an “OOTD Instagram contest” (or outfit of the day—you’d be supposed how many people don’t know that term.)  They needed 5 street style fashion photos to use for in-mall posters, Instagram promotions, website and email campaigns. I searched forever on stock sites and they all had HORRIBLE options for street style photography. The shots the client requested were very specific on gender, ethnicity, clothing style and locations, From here I decided I pull resources from my blog and my friends blogs. The client liked a few of the options but wanted slight refinements like urban vs. residential backgrounds. Since I can’t exactly tweak those items, I decided I would step up the plate and shoot the photos myself. I shot my boyfriend, friend Vanessa and Richard. I also used an old outfit photo of myself to complete the set. It was great because I got to work with people I love. All the photos are enclosed within the “a” because it is arden fair’s new logo and branding element.


A huge thank you to my boyfriend Josiah, who let me shoot him for nearly 2 hours with 3+ outfit changes! I like the final look at was chosen, plum colored jeans, chambray button up, Tom’s and lens-less glasses (hehe, how hipster right?)


I’m sure you guys recognize this face, from my friend Vanessa of Babe-sicle. She let me dress her up and shoot by these gorgeous ferns. I think this black maxi looks super cute on her!


My friend Richard and long term lover of fashion was super awesome to work with during his shoot. He brought tons of hats, shoes and shirts to pick from. How cool are the red high tops we chose?!

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Hey, look it’s me! Remember this post?

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The The Lipstick Giraffe was nice enough to let us use this photo of her, shot by Loressa of L on Sac. Thank you so much for contributing to the campaign!

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To all the models who helped me out with this project—thank you so much! Another big thank you to my co-workers Hayley and Sean for helping me out with the production of this job! If you’re local be sure to enter the contest, there is one week left to enter to win a $100 gift card.

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