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What’s been goin’ on around here?

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1. Work holiday party with some of my favorites ladies
2. First holiday spent with the bf and his family
3. Hooray for christmas bows, got plenty of left overs. Any body have a fun idea of what to do with these?
4. Building my new bed frame from Ikea
5. DIY spray paint on old beer bottle + glitter of course!
6. A beautiful rainbow after the world was suppose to end
7. Water coloring a few christmas cards
8. Target Christmas ornaments turned into wall decor
9. Audrey Hepburn napkins + my favorite chocolate
10. A box of chocolates form Santa. ugh he knows me to well!
11. Photobooth backdrop for the news years party
12. Cut out glitter numbers for the party
13. First picture with bf of the new year
14. Ridiculously cute Steve Madden Oxfords
15. Reading my favorite nerdy design magazines at Barnes & Noble with mom
16. New boots from Modcloth!
17. My first pair of Superga’s—they’re  rad…SUPER rad! (catch my drift?)

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