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What to Wear to an EDM Night

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I feel one of the best ways to relieve stress is dancing. I used to dance all the time in my early to mid-twenties. There was a great spot in town to dance every Saturday night. Our whole group of friends would head out there and let loose. I’m talking like 15 of us on the dance floor. It was the best. Of course the spot was a little grimy but that added to the authenticity of the music. Then our favorite place shut down. So I’ve been dance-less for nearly a year. Then I leave for Europe this summer and come back to my boyfriend raving about a new spot in town. Que three months later my cousin DJ’s at the spot and I’m spending more Friday nights here. They have a weekly Friday night event, where they play EDM music. What’s great about this place is that it’s not extremely packed to where you can’t dance or have to chance sweating your arse off.


I know what you’re thinking EMD music? Are you talking about those festivals where girls wear bras with furry boots and fish nets? Yes, yes I am. Although, this version is a little more low key than a full blown festival. But what I love about is this is spot is that it’s a chance to let my fashion freak flag fly. You know I love a good fashion problem. And I think this is just the one for me. The first time I went I felt so awkward and over dressed. I didn’t know how to do the dance moves that it seemed like every individual in the room knew how to do. You know I can’t stand not knowing how to do something/not knowing how to dress for it. I took on the challenge and just kept going back until I felt comfortable. Last night, I finally learned how to do the shuffle. Which is hard because it’s a lot of quick foot movements (Running Man, Sidestep, Glide, Spin and Kick.) Ok enough bragging, why I’m writing this post to get your creative juices flowing in case you want to attend one of these nights. My EDM outfit is equipt for the winter months and incorporates a lot of layering. It’s not that I’m hating on how people normally dress at these events but I wanted to put my own creative spin on the emerging scene. Plus, I don’t do a ton of nightwear posts and it’s fun for me to  step out of my ever-girly preppy looks. I’m going to create a few more go-to EDM friendly looks for myself so I can feel inspired to keep attending.



The essentials:


Most of the choices above are subjective except for a tiny purse and flat shoes. Because you’ll be doing a lot of fast movements and you don’t want a big old purse or heels in your way.


Oh and thanks to my bf for letting me borrow his hat 🙂


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