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What If We Started Believing?

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What if we started believing in ourselves 100%? What if we didn’t let the opinions of others tear into us? What if we set goal, then worked towards them every single day? What if when you hit a road block you just keep pushing until you found a way around? What if the same people who knew you prior could now see you in a different light? What if everyday was a chance to change the way you look at yourself and how you view the world? I have news for you. IT IS. YOU CAN. IT WILL.


Every interaction is a chance to encourage those who have been torn down. Everyday is a chance to prove to those who doesn’t believe in you, that they are wrong. As much as I love creating a fun outfit or color palette these materials things will never surpass a ugly soul. I’m more interested in the content of your character and what drives your soul rather the clothes on your back.


Why am I telling you this? I want to encourage and empower others to take themselves places that they never even dreamed were possible. If you aren’t striving to do this on a daily basis, I beg the question what are you doing? Self glorification ends real quickly and is a very lonely road.


So much of our life is built on our perspective. Two people can look at one object. One sees something broken down, the other sees opportunity. What is your outlook?


Sure thing’s can get tricky and you have to know when to give up. Learn to trust your inner compass. It’s not often wrong.


The project I am currently working on combines all my values into one space. Encouragement of others. Teaching and guiding creativity. Working as a team. I will tell more later but it’s still in the works!


Encourage your neighbor. If they won’t take it, kill them with kindness. Eventually everyone’s shell cracks right?


pencil skirt: asos
scarf: asos
bucket bag: zara
sunglasses: zerouv
top: old navy (old)
boots: zara


photography by: Cloth & Lipstick

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