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Wardrobe Storage Tour

By : haley 12 Comments

This post was hard for me to do. Because blogging is a lot about perfect lighting and the final creative outcome. I want to show some less than exciting behind the scenes action on what makes this blog possible. I’ve received this question several times. Where do you store all your clothes? I actually love a clean tidy organized space. I’m very anal about organization. As most creative minds know, it’s hard to be creative while staying organized. If you’re a painter you have a ton of supplies. Same story if you’re a crafter or run any time of business from your home. I run a fashion blog and design business from my home. So that means a lot of supplies! The design portion luckily is mostly of the computer but over the years I’ve obtained many samples of printed work. Now onto the fashion portion. Ok, I love variety and choices with creating an outfit. I try very hard to keep my closet organized and up to date with what fits and gets regular use. I used to spend every Saturday re-hauling my closet. I have items from high school and college that I still love. I’ve parted with many of them but many still linger. I make bi-monthly trips to Goodwill and Freestyle or Crossroads to sell/purge my clothing. The name of this blog is color me classic because my goal with this blog was to make the most of what I already had and invest in items that would be super versatile or would last a long time. I don’t know how good of a job I’ve done with that but I am constantly striving for it. I haven’t done a home tour since moving into the new place 5 months ago. So I’m just airing my “clean laundry” if you will. My boyfriend and I live in a 900 sq ft space. And we both really love shoes. So we have to get creative with storage techniques. I’m here to share this with you to show what’s working for me now. And of course, if you have any tips or tricks please share them with me! My goal is to make it easier to transition from season to season without having to take a trip to my parents house to drop off the items from the previous season that won’t fit in my closet. This bracelet holder from the container store is clearly loaded down and one of my favorite jewelry organizational stands. We have two closets, each two dowels deep. The thick winter coats in back light jackets in front. I love hats. I used to have them hung all nicely along the border of the bedroom wall but since the move all 16 of them reside in the closet stacked in a ridicious fashion. If you have some good ideas on what to do with these—do share! Built-in storage has really been one of my favorite things about the new place. It was so nice to not buy a bunch of plastic upright bins for storage. This shoe holder from Ikea is actually my boyfriends and I’m quite jealous of it. It stacks three drawers tall that each pull out at a 45 degree angle. Each drawer fits about 3-4 pair of shoes. Like I said, we really like shoes. This 5 hook hanger for my jewelry has been with me for awhile. I believe it’s actually suppose to be an outdoor storage rack for beach towels or something. It used to hold all my purses and backpacks. Now I find it works pretty well for hanging heavier necklaces. Here’s my first storage trick. Drawers with wheels and snapping flaps that hide under the bed. Having short hair means you can wear a lot of scarves through out the year, this has been a great place to store them all. Aaaaand for my last trick, the seasonal long bin. I have all my winter sweaters in the bottom tote. The top has all my summer tops. I have 4 of these total. This may make me a clothes hoarder—I don’t know. I started doing this trick in college when I had an extremely small dorm room. I put my bed on really tall PVC pipes and stored just about everything under there. I would like to consider a new option instead of the bins but I’m still on the search for what that would be. I love the idea of a standing rack but the boyfriend is appalled by me wanting to display my clothes haha. But I think there’s a good spot in the house where it wouldn’t be too distracting. There it goes bye-bye under the bed! Lastly, I have this Ikea dresser (I swear my whole house isn’t from Ikea—only the storage) I got this years back, I’ve definitely outgrown it. The drawers all pull out 1/2 way but they are plenty deep. Whelp, that’s a wrap! Please share with me your storage tips and techniques. And hey, maybe you’re inspired to do a storage tour of your own. Please email me a link to your post if you happen to do one!

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Storage Tour”

  1. Your shoes are so neatly stored! I’m jealous. Mine are usually in a jumble by my shoe rack, lol!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. You definitely have some great ideas about storage!


  3. I love to be organized too! I am drooling over all your hats!!!

    xo Amy

  4. i love this! i also live in a small space, and am glad to know i’m not the only one with bins and bins of clothes tucked in every nook and cranny. thanks for the organizing tips!!



  5. WOW! I love this, such beautiful order! 🙂 thank you so much for sharing, this is very inspiring! <3 xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing! I agree with all your points… i like to keep certain aspects of my life private.. but then again sharing is caring 😉 you have some awesome storage ideas! I definitely need an updo to my bedroom as well!




  7. I love what you have. Maybe hang up the hats on an empty wall spaced out as “art” i love house tour posts , so thank you for inspiring me. Rachel xo

  8. love what you did 🙂 got lots of tips and tricks from this blog post 😉 thanks for sharing!

  9. all looks so well organized! love the hat collection over there <3

  10. I love how you arranged your shoes. I consistently struggle with the old hanging rack that many people have. My shoes get dirty/scuffed and they always fall out. I actually have a new dresser and I was wondering what to do with the bottom drawer, and I believe this is what I will do. Thanks so much! Your blog is as pretty as your Insta 🙂


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