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Valentine’s Day Mush

By : haley 3 Comments

Holiday outfits are always the hardest to achieve, because you don’t want to look overly decked out in pinks and reds. I settled for blush and coral tones with a pop of red in the shoe. For some reason black colors were not meshing well with the fit but the browns in the skirt and clutch seemed to tie it together for me.   Our relationship to a T! It’s pretty typical for me to be dragging him along to some grand idea that I’ve come up with.   Vintage cameras from our collection!     He learned how to tie a bow tie for this year’s shoot! If you’re curious about last year’s Valentine’s day shoot, see here. Isn’t it crazy how different his hair is now?   I’m wearing a locket that my dad gave me from his miniature collection. He gives me a heart necklace every year for Christmas, I used to think it was cheesy but with age comes great appreciation!   We are currently watching a DVD series called “defining the relationship”. We love each very much but can be two very strong minded people. Two powerful personalities can be so great when they’re working together and not against one another. That’s what we’re focusing on this year, becoming a team. I encourage anyone who considers marrying the person who they’re with to watch this series. Believe me it asks the hard questions. It also provides the necessary tools for a lasting thriving relationship. Like anyone I want nothing more than to avoid becoming another statistic to the steep divorce rate. I couldn’t be more thankful to my boyfriend’s mom for passing these disks along to us—we haven’t felt this much like a team in a long time. I’ll talk more about what we learn once we finish the series. What are your plans for Valentine’s? I know this holiday gets a lot of bad press but there are always ways to show love whether you’re in a relationship or not. And who doesn’t love to add a little red to their getup? Toodles!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Mush”

  1. That’s surely a lovely outfit, the tones are so sweet and gorgeous together. You both look adorable together.


  2. You two. SO. CUTE! I love this this little post and I’m so glad you’re asking the hard questions – so much better to get that out of the way before marriage. Props!

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