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Upscale Online Shopping

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The Discovery: 
It’s interesting to me to watch how other people shop. I decided to track my own process and share with you here. I usually realize I need an item when I’m trying to get ready and I notice I’m searching for an item that I don’t have. I’ll be trying to finish an outfit and then I’ll be thinking something to myself like, “if I had a black turtleneck, this outfit would be complete”. That’s when you know you ACTUALLY would use the item.

Keep a List: 
Of course, in the moment I change this so I’ll write it down in my phone under my notes, in category called “to buy”. Then when I have free time I’ll search online at a few of my favorite sites.

I keep a list of items I NEED because this prevents me from aimlessly shopping. You need a goal when shopping. If you don’t, you’re going to get suckered into everything shiny pony you come across.

The Search for Quality: 
I will check the cheaper shops first to compare price, but I’ve been trying to consolidate my shopping to only high quality stores. I’m SICK of items breaking in the wash or only lasting a few wears. This is bad for everyone. Bad for the environment, it’s a waste of time for you to keep having to buy the same items over and over again. Just buy it right the FIRST time!

Two Sizes:
Since I almost primarily shop online due to time constraints, I don’t get the chance to try items on before hand. I will sometimes I order two sizes of one item to make sure I get one that fits right. With most stores offering free shipping these days, it’s easy to do. You can also schedule a UPS pick up if you’re pressed for time.

Pinterest Board:
I have a secret board calling “eyeing”. I keep everything in here that I’m thinking about buying. I like this idea better than just leaving items in your shopping cart for two reasons. One, I forget what sites I’ve been searching. Two, I can see everything in one place to insure I’m not grabbing duplicates. This also gives me time to think of if I really need or want this item.

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The Shops: 
I like to check several online stores so I can compare price, quality, fabric, free shipping, etc.
These are the shops that I surf regularly in no particular order:

Great for swim wear and party dresses. I tend to shop here more in the spring and summer. In my mind I think of it as “the hot girl shop” haha. Recently bought these sandals here.

Shop Bop
Great for everyday wear. I’ve always liked their jeans selection. My recent purchases include these summer sandals by Solids and this spring bag by Loeffler Randall. They have amazing sales, so be on the look out!

Cos Stores
Super simplistic, functional, yet unique proportions and silhouettes. I actually haven’t shopped here yet but it’s on my list. I keep hearing the name everywhere–they’re from Stockholm!

High quality, good value, simple timeless pieces originally from…CANADA! I recently bought this patterned scarf. I’ve been eyeing this neckerchief but it’s sold out until August #sadpanda

Great for t-shirts and well designed basic shoes. Less is definitely more at Everlane. An online only shop based out of SF. They cut out the middle man to keep costs down and work with the right factories. If you normally get a headache from WAY too many options, this is the shop for you.

Great for flashy unique accessories. 400 boutiques in 1 spot. I think to visit this shop for offbeat fun clothing.

C/MEO Collective
Great for experimental, futuristic silhouettes and clean lines. Head designer, Siham Elmawey aims to create an emotional impact through her designs.

The Outnet
Great for discount designer fashion. This is the sister site to Net-A-Porter.

A highly edited selection with a unique point of view (think: IRO, Rag & Bone, A.L.C)

Ok I don’t shop here very often BUT it is super interesting to me see what’s happening in high end luxury wear. I call it online window shopping.

Great alternative to Zara, chances are your pieces will be more unique since everyone and their mom shops at Zara now.

igh end luxury clothing, bags & shoes (big fan of their magazine PORTER–I just subscribed, so worth it!) Kind of obsessed with this video they created on YouTube.

The Real Real
Great for authentic designer names at a discount price (think high end handbags).

Free People
Great for special occasion dresses. Details are always considered and on point. My new go-to for wedding guest attire.

Great for unique flats and embellished boots from…Australia!

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I hope you enjoyed this list, the main purpose in creating it, was to have a place to refer back when starting an online shopping search.

I’m thinking about creating a lower end list of my favorite stores or maybe a list of favorite designers at the moment. What do you think?

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