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Ups & Downs of Fashion Blogging

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I’m feeling inspired to offer my perspective on the whole social media/blogging world. After I saw this article and video from Essena O’Neill about quitting social media, it sparked a stream of consciousness.. So many great messages and truths are happening with what she’s sharing. I think there are other angles of the topic that should be discussed too.

Things to note before I start:

–People are not what they post. People are not one dimensional. There is so much more to every person than a “feed”

–Social media is not about the medium, it’s about the user. If you don’t know who are before you enter the game, you can easily get caught up in it all.

–Just because you make money from something does not make you evil or dishonest.

–Bottom line, a job is a job. You are not going to love every aspect of it. If you hate it enough you’ll eventually get out.

What’s the saying? “change the game, don’t let the game change you”–thanks Macklemore. I think that’s exactly what Essena is doing.


I’ve broken down 10 topics ranging from physical appearance, relationships to social stigma. I start each one with a negative statement and then put a positive spin on it. Enjoy!


Physical Appearance

Negative: I’m a bit more aware of my physical body than in the past because I see it everyday in photos.

Positive Spin: This causes me to take better care of my body. I don’t mean killing myself at the gym or starving myself, but finding out new foods and recipes that make me feel healthy inside and out.



Negative: sometimes I wear outfits just for a shoot.

Positive: At the same time, I can wear that same outfit later or use it as inspiration for myself or others. I enjoy creating outfits and love that this platform gives me a place to experiment.  If I’m doing something I love and it inspires other people to take risks in their wardrobe or in their personal life, I see that as a positive interaction.




Daily Life

Negative: I often put off important things in my life and focus too much of my energy of the blog because it’s just more fun than mundane tasks around the house or in life.

Positive Spin: At the same time, I’m constantly creating which leaves me feeling inspired and happy (most of the time). I get to play around with photography, photo editing, painting and of course clothing.




Negative: I often put all my eggs in the blog basket. Which means meeting people who I can connect with creatively for collaborations. Sometimes I don’t know if the interactions are authentic or purely people hoping for a shout out on my account (comes with the territory).

Positive Spin: I’ve met a ton of amazing/like minded people through social media that I normally would not had the chance to connect with. It’s given me the ability to design dozens of logos, brands, websites and blogs for people locally and all around the U.S.



Social Stigma

Negative: People are going to think you arrogant, shallow or trying to be a “model”. Sometimes people like to say awkward things like “you’re famous”. I often feel it often hinders my ability to have authentic conversations with old or new friends. People only like to talk about the blog with me, where as I would much rather hear about their life because talking about blogging all the time can get old. There are a million other interesting topics, variety is the spice of life.

Positive Spin: It’s all in your own perspective, sometimes you feel good about what you’re doing, other days you don’t. It’s a balance, I think it does more good than it does harm. You have to block out negativity and keep moving forward.



Free Time

Negative: I tend to watch a lot less tv, which can mean missing out on the latest show. I don’t read as often as I’d like. My mind is often in future mode, planning and thinking of what I need to do for the blog, which can make me less present.

Positive Spin: I’m never bored. I’m not exposed to as much media and I feel more productive as I have something to show or document from the day. I follow the no phone rule during meals to keep me present with friends, family or my boyfriend.




Negative: Blogging is always that extra thing on my plate or looming in the back of my head. “Oh I should be posting or photography this event, moment or outfit.”

Positive Spin: Since I have a lot of balls rolling with social, person and design projects it constantly keeps me on my toes! I’m better with more going on, because I don’t get the luxury of procrastinating. Be heads up for burn out though!




Long Term

Negative: Will the blog fade with time? Probably. It’s a lot of work, it’s a competitive place.

Positive: Gives me a place to reflect and a time capsule. How cool that I can look back and see what I was doing/wearing/thinking to the exact day up to 4 years back.


Giving Back

Negative: I’m often knee deep in 3 freelance projects at a time on top of my full-time job. Whatever hours are leftover go to the blog, leaving little about of time to give back.

Positive Spin: I get to meet up with others and offer advice and encouragement to help them forge their own path. I have a creative studio called, Common Space Sacramento, where others get to come learn a new skill and connect with others. This is my way to give back to my community and give them a place to thrive.






Take social media with a grain of salt. Sure, it’s an advertising tool. Sure the staged photos often aren’t reality. Keep in mind the people who do blog for a living work hard too. Sometimes you have to do things things you don’t like to pay the rent, it’s balance. It’s called a job. I feel most bloggers do a pretty good job of sifting through the requests and finding legit collaborations that you can appreciate.

NOW GET THE HELL OFF YOUR PHONE! I kid, I kid everything in moderation folks! Toodles!

Photography by: Jenny Wenny Penny Pants
Instagram @jennywennypennypants


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