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Tucking, Turning & Twisting

By : haley 0 Comments

Hi all! I am trying to stretch my wardrobe a bit by tucking, twisting and turning items in different ways to create looks that normally don’t work. I would not usually wear two flowy/baggy items together because the outfit would lack shape. Instead, I tucked the side of the top into the skirt. It’s a pretty basic trick, but it helps break up the outfit. Like the high-low skirts or tops it gives the illusion of a longer body. I picked up this little trick from blogger, Kendi Everyday, she is the tucking master. She always slips the front of her sweater into her jeans.

You guys are the true critics—do you think this works? Do you have any other handy tricks for tucking or rolling an article of clothing to make a look come together?

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