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Tripping for Triangles

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So your probably staring at your screen going what in the world? Yes, this outfit is certainly off kilter for me. But what’s the fun in wearing the same predictable baloney all the time? How about we dream a little crazier. Like say…a 90’s denim jacket with triangles? Topped off with a big western hat, leather shorts and boots?!

That’s why I’ve always enjoyed “style” I never really knew what that word really meant when I was younger. I’d come to school in some ridiculous pattern top covered in horse shoes? And low and behold still get compliments on it? People would always say you can pull off anything and frankly I always just thought this was they’re way of  being nice about my atrocious outfits. But now a days I’m starting to understand their feedback. Why does wearing something ridiculous look ok on one person and not another? Take a guess….yes yes you got it! c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e. It’s a feeling that is part perception and part experience. I think we’re all guilty of not giving ourselves enough credit, so start from the inside perception and work your way out to experience. Maybe you get confidence through solving a problem, creating/inventing something or just getting things done. Figure out what types of activities trigger your confidence levels and seek them out on a regular basis. Ok I just wrote about 20 more sentences and realized I’m getting WAY too deep, so I’m going to stop here before this gets crazy! Sometimes I just can’t help my analytical side! What are your thoughts on confidence and is there anything you do to consistently to feel good about yourself? I would love to hear, leave me a comment below!

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Striped cropped top: Thread Sense Leather Shorts: Urban Outfitters (currently $40 off) Geo Print Denim Jacket: Forever21 Boots: Modcloth (sold out) hat: Swell (similar)