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Tobi x CMC

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As you know I’ve been overhauling my closet for the last year. Trying to condense and pair down to more versatile pieces. It’s been a journey to say the least. I’m trying to shed my skin from my early twenties. No more, cutesy prints that make me look like I’m at 6 y/o birthday party. It’s been weekly trips to Goodwill. Monthly selling trips to Freestyle and Crossroads but my closet feels like it’s just about where it needs to be!


I’m noticing a lot more black finding it’s way into my closet. To me, black = versatile.


I picked this look, because I love the crochet detailing on the front. The cut makes your shoulders look toned, no matter your shape. I wore this early morning for a coffee run so I threw on a denim jacket to make it a bit more appropriate, as I wasn’t ready to go “full-back” at 9 am haha.


Right before I closed out my order I noticed the jewelry section. I thought Tobi was more of a clothing only brand boy was I wrong. Simple jewelry always strikes a cord with me so their selection was right up my alley. Note* many Vanessa Mooney pieces! #yes!


If you’re going to shop on Tobi’s site, I think their strong suites are Jogger PantsBoyfriend JeansLeather Jackets,  Flannel TopsTrench Coats and High Waisted Jeans


Shop the looks:

Carmella Cut Out Tank Top

Breezy Feeling Maxi Dress

Slit Second Maxi Dress


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Photography by: Julia Maya

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