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Tips on Lighting Up Your Wardrobe for Spring

By : haley 3 Comments

Yep it’s that time—put your dark denim to the back of your closet. Whip out those light and white denim washes. We all know the floral prints are in full effect and pastels are running rampant. With a high of 60 and a wind chill I want to feel Springy without compromising my warmth! Here’s how to transition your style into early Spring without freezing your butt off! 1. Roll up your jeans. Instant Spring feel and let’s face it your ankles will be fine! 2. Stick to lighter colors. This light pink button up keeps in the warmth with long sleeves while giving a Spring vibe. 3. Invest in a light colored blazer, denim or leather jacket. Maybe you still want to wear leather but feel your black version is just a little too winter-y for the season. I’d suggest finding a lighter colored coat that keeps in the heat but gives the feel of spring. This sand colored leather jacket has been worn in heavy rotation these last few weeks. 4. Ditch tall boots switch out for ankle booties, oxfords/flats. Stick to a light color. I actually think brown is a great replacment color to transition your outfits away from winter. 5. Add a light weight scarf. I didn’t photograph the scarf but I threw on a light grey scarf to keep in the warmth because the chiffon shirt just wasn’t cutting the cold! I wanted to give you guys two shoe options, a good outfit can be dressed up or down with heels or flats. How about trying a pop of color in your belt? My work place is pretty casual so we wear jeans. I really think the outfit holds its sophistication with or without heels. jeans: similar // heels: similar // top: similar // leather jacket: similar ($69.99) // sunnies: similar // belt: similar I hope this helps you in transitioning your wardrobe into the early Spring months. Let me know how you stay warm without comprising your Spring style!

3 thoughts on “Tips on Lighting Up Your Wardrobe for Spring”

  1. I have trouble with this. I tend to be cold all spring. This is a super cute look, though!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. great tips! what a fun idea for a post. i definitely need some brown oxfords now!!



  3. Great tips! Love this outfit on you!

    xo Amy

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