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Tips on Dressing for a Holiday Work Party

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dress: ruche
top: similar
tights: target
heels: zara
lutch: thrifted


Holiday party attire can be confusing, especially when involving the work place. It’s kind of your chance to show off and say “I clean up well” ha. But I’m super not into doing anything sexy anywhere near the work place. So set those bod con dresses aside and look towards our trusty friend the a-line dress.


my holiday work party attire tips:

1. consider length and plunge. Go for an a-line dress with a decent length. If you feel uncomfortable or risqué—don’t wear it!
2. add a little sparkle if not in your garments then in your accessories (think headband, necklace, or purse)
3. bring in color. I’m not going to force you to dress like a christmas tree but consider bringing in red due or green in your own way. I’ve chosen maroon because I don’t do red, also consider emerald green. Or other jewel tones.
4. layer a collared top. I didn’t  want to completely disregard the professional feeling of a collared shirt, so I layered a pipe piped version under my dress.
5. wear tights. Please wear tights if you’re wearing anything mid thigh. Because warmth and lady parts.


If you want a few extra tips on the do’s and don’ts of dressing your office holiday party, see this article.


Have fun with your ensemble and remember feeling confident is the most important accessory! *cheesy tips by me 🙂

photos by: Josiah


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