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Tips for Staying Inspired for Blogging

By : haley 13 Comments

I’ve had this post sitting in my que for a long time so I figured I should finally share it. We all get burnt out. Many of us have full time jobs and try to give a few hours a week to blogging. Everyone has this ideal of how often they should post but is it that simple to stay motivated? Of course, I have my weeks where I totally fall off the band wagon but here’s what has worked for me so far. I’ll be sure to revisit this post next time I need to get inspired.

1. Stay active on Pinterest. For me I am constantly pinning outfits, art, architecture or design. These categories keep me inspired to create new outfits. The art and design aspect help me find color pallets I wouldn’t normally think of combining.


2. Follow a variety of blogs. I think it’s important to not infiltrate yourself with just fashion. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the way a room is decorated or how a painting is composed.


3. Switch it up. Get off the computer. Go outside, pick up a book or magazine. Too much time spent doing same activities won’t cultivate new ideas.


4. Re-mix outfits. I know many of us think “oh I’ve already worn this, people have seen it”. It’s important to remember that probably no one remembers but you. Just about the time you’re getting bored of something people are actually just starting to notice. In my opinion, there is a no problem with the styling the same piece again and again. I actually will buy something if I’ve seen a blogger style is several different ways over a long period of time, this shows me it’s a versatile piece.


5. Consistency is key. I actually really struggle with this in a style sense. I want my style to be: bohemian, punk, retro, girly, classic, modern, vintage, etc. It’s hard to pick one. Maybe that’s the beauty of fashion blogging—you don’t have to? Consistency can also be translated into photo quality, writing style or post timing. Through my work in design & branding, I’ve learned the client always wants to “switch it up” but it’s important to stay true to your brand.  It’s similar to when you’re visit your favorite restaurant you have certain expectations and a level of consistency in mind.


6. Set a schedule. Develop a certain amount of hours per week that you will devote to your blog. If you don’t you’ll get sucked in by the internet and not focus on creating. I wake up on Sunday mornings knowing that I have to pick out 3 outfits, 3 locations, write, edit photos and post. It can be daunting  but the time constraint is what causes results to be met.


7. Don’t give up. How bad do you want it? And what do you want? Someone will eventually see your hustle, passion, persistency and your big break will come. Do you want to be a stylist, designer, writer or develop a brand? Make sure people are picking up what you’re laying down. People can’t read your mind. If you don’t know yet that’s ok, each step leads you closer to your goal even if you haven’t completely defined it yet.


8. Do something you’ve never done. You know the saying: “insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” For me fashion blogging can feel like that. Sure the clothes change but the context is always the same. So my current struggle is finding ways to push the boundaries while staying true to my brand. I know this point is kinda contrary to #5 but it’s a fine line between consistant and new content.  If your idea doesn’t work throw it out and find a new one!


9. Take a break. An extended break. When all else fails, get out of your town and explore something new.


10. Collaborate. Seriously. You guys you don’t have to do this alone. I know it’s easy when you like to control the process to be like I can do this all by myself—I don’t need anyone. Many of the the best creative endeavors result from teams.


11. Become part of the community. Comment on other blogs. Invite a blogger to do a guest post or swap. It’s a form of giving back and encouragement.


My big question to you is: do you spend more time creating new content or driving new traffic to your site? This question has been on my mind for months. I really think this is the make or break question for blogs. But it truly is a balance. For me, it’s more fun to create new content then it is to try and bring new readers and traffic butttt which one is more important?

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13 thoughts on “Tips for Staying Inspired for Blogging”

  1. These are such good tips!! I definitely need to give some of these a try- I always struggle with staying motivated. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome post!!! It’s so hard to stay inspired with blogging with juggling other things in life, but thank you for this.

    Brie at chicvadourbyb.blogspot.com

  3. Girl, seriously loved this post. Sometimes I 100% just feel wa-wa. Like it’s the same thing over and over. I think that’s why I love coming to your blog – b/c you do mix it up. I never know what I’m going to see over here- preppy, punk, boho… who even knows, it’s just always great. So thanks for being an inspiration that way 🙂

  4. This is a great post. I do find my inspiration goes up and down, which is normal, but it’s hard to get past those low points sometimes.

    I also really struggle with how much time to spend reading other blogs and working on my own. Sometimes, it’s just hard to find time for both and it gets a bit frustrating!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. i love this post! i totally needed this today. i’ve been struggling with a lot of these lately and need to follow some of these tips!



  6. These are some good points and I agree with all of them. I like to link up to parties that require a theme each week as it forces me to dig out something (say neon if it’s the theme) and style something with neon. That way I expand my style a bit but try to remain true to myself. Thanks for sharing! Rachel http://garaytreasures.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/go-to-maxi-dress/

  7. Great inspirational post,I agree about restyling clothes. I feel like some bloggers think that once they wear a particular piece, they cant style it again. I alwyas love seeing bloggers wearing the same pieces but styling them differently to create a new look.


  8. Some of the greatest advice I’ve heard in a while! Thanks for sharing. I started my blog only this year in February and it’s great to hear advice from other more experienced bloggers 🙂

  9. Thank you for this post! I really needed this inspiration. I’ve been struggling with some of these issues 🙂

  10. Hello doll!
    Very great tips, especilly agree with the restyling, its impossible to wear always a new pieces, anyway, the bloggers must show ys hoe we can use the items we have in a trendy way!
    I like your blog and will be happy if we follow each other
    Just let me know in my blog doll
    Have a nice week 🙂


  11. I’ve read this awesome book about blogging that helped me a lot, awesome tips there 😀


  12. These are great tips! I’m very well-known with the blogger burn out! Number one is a piece of cake for me by the way, since I’m a real Pinterest junkie 😉



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

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