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Last weekend a few friends and I attended, THIS Midtown. It was a free block party concert series on 20th and J st.


This shirt has been a summer favorite last year and is still hanging around in 2014. So I’m happy it didn’t end up being too ultra trendy. Pairing a dark grey bralette underneath tends to work best.


I tried doing a little “poof” in my hair for the evening but after trying on like 100 shirts it kinda flopped over :/ note to self do hair after choosing shirt! Normally I make a mean poof I will have to try again soon. 0

Being photo bombed by my lady friends!


I’m loving the energy happening in all these photos. It’s fun to see outfits in context of an event. One of the goals of my blog is to have things look less “staged”. For instance I wear heels a lot but I equally love a good pair of booties or sandals and that’s just more realistic. I could be at this event in a tulle prom dress but it wouldn’t be practical and hell I’m not that brave. That’s my favorite things about blogs. I google “what to wear to a concert” and I’ll get a 100 awesome ideas to try out. Hopefully this blog will lend the same benefits.


And yes, you can wear booties in summer trust me! What would you wear to an evening concert?


5 thoughts on “THIS”

  1. I was just talking about this today! Sometimes as a blogger you can feel this pressure that you have to be dressed to the nines and look perfect all the time…but as much as I love heels, I’m sure that I wear sweats a greater portion of the time. And that’s just the damn truth! #notsorry [I think this is a great outfit for a Summer concert, btw. Tough, cool, and feminine…what’s not to love?]

    xo, grace (patternedposies.blogspot.com)

  2. gorgeous! love this. sounds so fun 🙂



  3. looks like fun! I love summer outdoor music festivals


  4. So loving this outfit. The booties are so adorable. We wear ours all summer long too!

    xx 365hangers

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