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This Moment is Infinite

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©OctavioValencia2016-3“When I’m happy things will happen.” –Kyle Cease


I’ve recently starting listening to an online series about letting go of what we think is suppose to happen and letting in what could be.

Letting go is huge. We’re suppose to be a “goal driven”, “make it happen” society. To find your true calling you can’t be trying control it. You can’t try and create it because then you’re only doing it because you think if you get that thing, then you’ll be complete.

I was always flooding my mind with what I should do. I was never quiet. I couldn’t let anything new into my life. Let alone give myself time to reflect and feel. My mind was always going from one thing to the next. Constantly adding, adding, adding. There just wasn’t time to sit with what is presently.

This mind shift has been so big for me, I would feel like I’m hoarding a gift, if I didn’t share it.


I’m finding it’s key, to try and not create “what could be” either. Simply meditating with the here and now and to see what thoughts float in. Some negative, some positive, you have to watch which thoughts are judgements and love those. Don’t fight any of the thoughts. They’re just thoughts. Opening yourself up to a new dialogue. A new process. New way of thinking. Letting a new form of creativity flow through you. Old methods keep us in our old trajectory.

What is the fun is living life, if we always know what’s going to happen? If we always know exactly how were going to craft, attack or create something, how is that growth? How is it exciting?

Get comfortable with not knowing. Get comfortable not knowing the answer. Because within letting go, is your REAL answer.

It’s not an easy thing to let in. I feel as if I’m constantly switching my brain over into a flow state from a “safe” familiar state. How great would it be to flow through work instead of feeling pressure, anxiousness and anger. You know how they say “it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”-Lou Holtz. I don’t think they were referring to mechanics, it’s a brain shift. It’s an openness, an egoless act.

I dare you to let go of something. I dare you to give something away that feels uncomfortable. The more we give away from our lives, the more that can flow in.

Imagine you’re an ice cube, who’s set on staying frozen. You saturate your mind with tv, social media, presidential chatter so you can stay frozen. What if you were meant to be water? Flowing through, not stiff. Don’t be afraid to melt.


Go towards what feels light and let go of what feels dark. Life is a playground. Move towards your heart and away from your head. Less strategy, less trying to “get it right”. Move towards your truth and an inspired place. Let go of all your old beliefs, that cause limitation. We all have things we say in our head, that are designed to stop us from our infinite.

You’re not your circumstances, story, belief system or your accomplishments, you are fluid and free.

Raise your awareness, it’s the highest currency. Higher than money. When you operate from a higher awareness, you LOOSE your anxiety.

If you think you are your past, you’re going to limit those ideas coming in. They’re always here but you’re not tuned into accepting them. The more you accept yourself, the higher level and better ideas you’ll have. You’ll be so excited when you have it, you’ll start to create the thing you wanted instead of forcing it.

When you realize you’re a continually creative person and those ideas you want, will show up when they’re ready to show up, through your acceptance of yourself. You can accept yourself by not fighting you, slowing down, meditating, getting in nature. By connecting with you, you’ll become excited and end up create it that very thing you wanted from an authentic place.

You want to feel empty more than cluttered. Your acceptance of yourself will make that clutter go away and create a space of empty for possibilities.

What is trying to emerge in your life?

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*All thoughts, concepts and quotes in this post based on the Kyle Cease series, Life is a Playground and Evolving Out Loud.  


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