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The Catalyst, Twin Flame Scenario

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Relationships are all about mirroring, right? They exist to teach us about our innermost being. It’s been a interesting year in the relationship realm because I didn’t really select any of the people that came my way—well consciously at least. They just kept finding me in serendipitous moments—ones that were so clear and inviting it felt strange to pass them by. As much as I tried to run from these characters they just kept returning to me and were so life-giving and sweet, it began to feel safe to enter. Recently, I’ve come to find that when we’re dating, we are actually exploring different characters who represent aspects of ourselves. When I left my relationship in 2017, I noticed his character was actually just MY inner critic. Our inner critic deliberately berates and kicks us when we’re feeling low—they represent the meanest and darkest ways we can treat ourselves.

Shortly after, I was introduced to the concept of a catalyst, twin flame experience. A twin flame represents our inner most soul. It’s the truest highest expression of who we are. But we can’t be with this character until we’ve had a catalyst relationship which propels us to be ready for our twin flame connection.

Our society is really comfortable with the term soulmate, as new concepts enter into our collective consciousness, we have to make space for them to land. I believe we each have multiple soulmates, which can be seen as destination points our soul has pre-designed, to open us up for the greatest amount of growth. 

I believe we meet certain people who are given the keys to unlock specific potentials in us, they can pull out certain parts of us that others simply cannot. Each one of these souls who extend love to us can only take us so far in the journey. When we pass the level, it will become inevitably clear it’s their time to leave. Each one of the characters that leads up to the twin flame uniting. This game we’re playing will not allow us to get to our twin flame experience until we have surpassed certain levels of the game.


What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a unique and special energetic connection that occurs between two parts of a soul that are split prior to our arrival here on earth. When we meet them, our soul remembers them instantly, as if we have known each other forever. It feels magnetic. You may notice things vibrating around the experience. It’s as if higher power had orchestrated the meeting. How can we know for sure that we have met our real twin flame? It is very common to meet a catalyst twin.

A catalyst twin are those who hold a very similar vibrational frequency to your real twin.  The ego will be challenged by the twin because they won’t match our expectations or conditions. This is an energetic connection that transcends this physical reality. When the twin flames separate they don’t live in despair because they can still feel the other’s energy within them. You can never loose your real twin flame, your soul knows they will come back in divine timing. They are always inside your heart as the same energy is shared. Your twin comes back when you have found wholeness, self love and empowerment. Once you’ve had this experience your intuition heightens, telepathy increases, you awake to your multi-dimensionality. You become aware that your physical reality is a holographic projection of your emotions. You may communicate with them in dreams. You will have a multitude of synchronicities, number sequences, songs, strangers may even tell you about your future, you receive very specific downloads relating to your upcoming journey. Most importantly, our twin awakens our ascension process because they are the strongest mirror you can have of yourself in this 3D reality. 

This connection has to do with your life’s work, purpose, your mission here on earth. They will be your partner in completing their life’s work. It’s an unconventional connection which aims to establish a new paradigm, redefine, a different way of pursuing a relationship. Fast track ticket to evolution. Forcing you to evolve, burn old patterns and subconscious beliefs. Once you start to feel the flame, the intensity is so great, there is a dance of pulling away and coming together because the mind has a hard time releasing and assimilating to this new reality that it calls in. Many things have to change on the physical plane to match the new found reality. The connection is so powerful it has the potential to be constructive or destructive. It all depends on your perspective and what you allow to dissolve and what attachment you are able to leave at the way side. You will repel each other until each person is made whole in themselves. A lot of personal work occurs prior to uniting. As each one is made whole, the one and one become two. 

What is a Catalyst Twin?

Catalyst definition: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. Each journey is different based on what you pre-chose for this lifetime, it’s important not to force our story to look like another.  They are part of your soul group, and are the closest vibrational match after your real twin. They trigger a sense of belonging and soul memories. Your real twin is an exact energetic match to you. You have the same soul signature and frequency because you have been split from the same spark of divine essence. Meeting the catalyst, is to trigger a spiritual awakening. We get a taste of a love so rare, we start asking deeper questions about who we are, our purpose.

Our catalyst are usually in other relationships when we meet them. The catalyst twin belong’s to someone else. They become a type of love that feels impossible to expand upon the earth plane. We are attached to the in a egotistical way. Our ego will need and want to be with them, even though the soul knows they don’t belong with us. The catalyst awakens a spiritual awakening. Everything is happening in divine order to serve a purpose of unconditional love. We’re all here to help each other remember we are the pure love we are seeking. The Love of the divine is greater than we could ever conceive. Separation is an illusion of the mind and our reality. 


Ego Syncing

A few weeks ago standing on a ladder and suddenly I had a wake up moment. Upon painting the letter E in between an H and an R. I realized, “e” stood for ego and that I was currently dating my ego. We think of ego as a negative term but after you’ve spent such a long time with your inner critic your ego needs to reshape it self. Your ego is strong, it’s proud, it’s build you up, builds your self esteem, your importance. There’s certainly a time that our ego needs to step aside, to let our authentic soul shine through. Consequently, the soul and ego must know how to interact together to accomplish the greatest good for your lifetime. I used to want to defeat my ego but now I just want learn how to love it, provide comfort, trust and let it know that we are safe, in order to allow more soul enriching experiences to emerge.

Prior to meeting my ego, I met my spirit who is the uninhibited, wild, free and vivacious. Again, we have to meet our spirit but our spirit doesn’t not guide the show on earth. As I meet these characters each one had a blockage around them, all because they were never meant to be long term but are most certainly part of your journey. We are dimensional beings who do exist of an inner critic, a spirit, an ego, and a soul.

The Hole

Many of us would like to marry the first person we have a connection with because we think this is as good as it gets, we are still stuck in the experience with an inner critic with our spirit or with our soul. All which are beneficial for a time but are not meant to carry us through the decades. This is why I think so many marriages fail because we cannot see these characters for what they are. We are just blinded by our desire to get to that marriage “finish line”. We want society to think that we have made it, we want the big grand wedding day. We want it to look like our hard work has paid off. Many marriages are able to shift and one character can play all of these roles for one person. It didn’t work like that for me but I do believe it can happen. As relationships and marriages shift drastically over the years, we start to blame the character instead of realizing it’s just the game that we’re playing and this player should be ON our team. We have to stop positioning them as an opponent and see each other as allies. We’re designed to beat the game together.

Divine Assignment

I’ve come to realize, the last year of life was about divine assignment. We often don’t know what we need and in order to receive it we have to release our resistance. We have to stop digging our heels in and avoiding where life is clearly taking us. Let go and allow higher power provide to guidance and clues that ultimate heal and soothe our soul in ways we could never imagine. We can’t look at things through societies eyes if we do, we’ll miss the divine benefit that has been blessed upon us. When you get more in touch with the game or God it will start to give you insights on situations before they happen. Keep your heart open to what life brings you. 


How to Live Out a Twin Flame Connection

Twin flames repels attachment, the purpose of a twin is to break down traditional mindsets. Now that this article has made a big ordeal over the terminology and label, let’s release it. Labels create expectations, attachments and began to pedestal individuals. You have to practice a lightness of being. Sayings like “Everything is Always Working Out” best guide our experience. Whole beings require nothing from the outside, they can be fed through their connection to their highest being, god. Which allows them to operate lightly and freely. Don’t focus on the other, focus on the mirror. Don’t focus on the action of the other, focus on what that action caused for you. Ask yourself what does this mean for my transformation? Expressing the term I love you, is equal to “you are free”. The love given should be valued as the higher expression of freedom. Love and freedom go hand-in-hand. This isn’t meant to diminish the sacred connection. Love for love is a trade, love its in truest form, expects nothing in return. Which leaves space, space is where freedom is derived. 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.


Gratefulness Above All Else

I would not be standing here had I not met my critic, spirit, ego and soul. Thank you for all building me in different ways. I love this story because it’s about the ascension of ones soul, over the control of another being. This is about letting the game play itself out and reacting to the clues, missions and openings that are meant for us. Thank you to my ego for making me feel like a million bucks. You are so strong and you always remind me that I’m the best and no one can beat me. Yet my soul knows I am infinite, never ending, abundant, never separate, fountain of love + passion. 


The Power of Now

The only way through is to focus on the now. We must obey and submit to the process. We have to turn off our own internal timing and sync up with divine timing. We have to melt into the ways of higher powering being at work. 

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