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The $2 skirt

By : haley 0 Comments

skirt: thrifted (similar here) // shoes: Target (old) // top: Zara // necklace: thrifted (similar) // purse: target // sunnies: Sugar Shack (local  boutique)

A few of us gals went on a thrifting tour a few weeks back which helped revamp my love of thrifting. I used to thrift all the time in high school. I really started having fun with clothes my sophomore year of high school. I had my own cash flow at that point, so I could make my own decisions on what to buy. I started visiting a local buy/sell/trade stores like Crossroads & Freestyle. This gave me a chance to experiment and figure out what I liked. I got to revisit that time in my life on the fabulous thrift tour. I remembered you could find things like $2 pleated skirts that don’t require any alterations!

My biggest setbacks with thrifting are these three things:

1. I want to alter the clothes to either be more modern or to better fit my figure. One day I will buy a sewing machine and take on the world of thrifting in full force. Until then I will probably remain lazy and buy online 🙂

2. I enjoy the hunt but if I don’t find anything I get all down about it and feel like it was a huge waste of time. Yes, I’m obsessed with the efficiency of time 🙂

3. It seems like more and more people thrift than they used to 5 or 6 years ago, resulting in things being more picked over. I think there was a big rise in thrifting during the years the economy was down the toilet. Also, the rise of going green has brought more thrifters or has encouraged people to not throw clothes away. So I could be wrong maybe now is the best time to start thrifting? You be the decision maker on that one.

Do you still thrift or have your buying habits changed? Is it the same as it was a few years back? Let me know in the comments below!