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TBD Festival Fashion

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Before it gets too late in the fall season I wanted to share 3 of my looks from the TBD festival weekend.


Outfit day 1. It was a scorcher. I opted for the lightest material top I could find. Soft worn in cut offs. High boots to protect from that crazy dust.


Check out the holy cube! Of course, we had to take a selfie in it. How cute is J’s brother Asa?


Spent some time cooling down in the Lululemon tent with Babe-Sicle.


Don’t be alarmed these colors are all natural from my ferris wheel ride with J.



Outfit Day 2. A lack of color here. Thought I’d be ironic and wear my cropped rock and roll tee to a mostly electronic based music festival. Keeping it 90’s with the high waisted shorts and vest. I didn’t have tall enough boots for this outfit so I added black tube socks.



Our trusty biking crew for the weekend!


Outfit Day 3. By the 20th hour of the festival I was pretty beat so I wore my bike shorts under a super soft vintage 90’s floral print dress. Same boots from day 2 as I was running out of ideas. And a juice for hydration! This mini purse from H&M goes with with me to every.concert.ever. It never holds back my killer dance moves. 😉


Day 3 ended early as my bf had heat exhaustion and a mixture of food poisoning, so we left the festival early. Then spent most of the next week recovering. Our favorite bands that played were Dillion Francis, Cherub, Gramatik and Empire of the Sun. We hope to be back next year!


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