Month in review

Best Outfits 2015

I love doing these posts. Why is reflecting on a year so much fun? What’s even better is laughing at those ridiculous things you wore and marveling over the ones you wore like a damn queen! Sometimes I wish everyone had a style blog, for the soul purpose and being able to see what you wore through […]
By : haley December 29, 2015 1 Comment
Month in review

Most Liked Outfits 2014

I wasn’t feeling much like doing a year in review for outfits. But once I got to looking back on the archives I was suddenly re-inpsired. Why are we always so hard on ourselves? I only tend to remember the last month or so and then judge myself upon that. Reflection is so important. Seeing a […]
By : haley December 31, 2014 8 Comments