Long Sleeves for Summer

I know what you’re thinking, long sleeves when it’s 92 degrees out? Believe me, I have my reasons. I just can’t hang with tight fitting t-shirts in this Sacramento summer. I like tops that are looser around the arm area. This breathable jersey material doesn’t add much bulk, just feelings of the breeze. Truth be told, […]
By : haley June 15, 2017 1 Comment

Pretty in Palms

Ok, I’ve been really excited to share this story with you guys! Julia and myself had about 20 minutes left in our morning to shoot to find a good location. The first one didn’t work out, so we were racing around town looking for a legit spot. (e.i. plants, white, great architecture) ….scroll to the end […]
By : haley July 15, 2016 2 Comments