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Summerland at Park Winters 2019

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A lot has changed since I attended last year’s PW Summerland, see my 2018 post here. My world was crumbling and I didn’t even know it. This year, I chopped my hair, got my nails done, picked a few pieces at Nordie, DID THE EVENT BRANDING!!!, Picked the color palette that influenced the vendor installations and setups. In a way, it feels like I transitioned my “influence” into something that feels like more true to me. Sure, I can be a product hype women. But more than anything, I’m an ARTIST and a DESIGNER. 

Callista emailed me about doing the Summerland logo in late February. My excitement was over the moon! *get it* I knew with everything in my mind, body and spirit that I NEEDED to do this project. Right when she said the mood was CELESTIAL! I was like ok let’s do this baby! 


Several years ago, I was working at an agency where we were re-doing the branding for the Arden Fair mall. I was given this beautiful file of artwork from, Andrew Holder. The same designer who did Outsidelands. I remember opening this file and feeling like what an honor. I promised myself in that moment, that someday I would be doing the work Andrew Holder does, instead of doing his production work. And Park Winters made that happen for me. 


Honestly, when I pass off files to vendors or clients I cringe and kiss them goodbye. You never know how they will be treated and you can do your best to supply a brand guideline but it truly takes on a life of its own. When I showed up to the event I was S T U N N E D at how well it was carried through. Every laser cut sign had the right colors, fonts, and feel as the logo. It made me gain trust in the wedding industry because they truly care about details. In fact, the industry is built on it!  


The first agency I worked on was highly focused on timeless design. Which I can understand based on who your clientele are, what industry you’re servicing, but hell somethings CAN to be trendy! I get more joy from creating pieces that live and breath off the now. Why stress if this piece will work in 5 years? Because no one knows what life will be like by that time. Why spend our worry trying to bulletproof our work when things change with the wind and have little predictability to them. 

IMO: a good logo should work with and without the graphic to build brand versatility. I custom made the Summerland font—something I’d always wanted to do. I wish I could show you how many times I create the font before it worked. Design is about adding, tweaking, and subtracting elements until you’re on the edge of sanity. 

Hi Heather Dubinetskiy!

This signage–YES!

Hailey and her team at Two Roads Event Co. designed the pool area, called Moon Garden. Can you even imagine how long it took to make these balloon letters?! Collaborators include Found Rentals, Arvo Floral Studio, Shimmer and Stain, Ready Set Confetti, La Tavola Linen, Dart Collective, Bestowe Gifting

I made us do this pillow fight because it’s what boys think girls do at sleepovers. I wanted to switch things up because how much fake laughing can one do in photos?!

Thank you for Dixon Florist who so tastefully highlighted the logo on the entrance signage.

Moon Child Feast by Alluring Events

Dinner by Park Winters

Baby Bar Co. signage painting by Stanger Projects.

I wanted to create a piece of art for the event. I haven’t done many green paintings so this was a chance to experiment with a new palette that played off the lines in the landscape. I have two in this square style canvas that I can sell, if it strikes you. 12×12 @ $133.

Yes, yes it’s true I finally decided to pop the question to Sadye. I mean the setting was perfect, the aisle was prepped, so we shot gunned it 😉


A HUGE Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who made this possible:

Alluring Events, Arvo Floral Studio, Baby Bar Co., Beignyay!, Bestowe Gifting, Bloom & Vine, Boba Guys, Boy’s Bakery, Cabine, Cafe Apae, The CBD Lotion Bar, Celebrations Party Rentals and Tents, Creamy’s by Cayla, Dart Collective, Dixon Florist, Dry Bar Sacramento, Found Rentals, Function 45 Event Entertainment, Giggle and Riot Funbooths, Greg Galinsky, Gypsy Soul Trailer Co., Hannah Muller, Haven Boutique, Jenn Robirds Events, Kechmara Designs, La Tavola Linen, Lady Falcon Coffee Club, Lorenza Wine, Made in the Shade Tent Rentals, The Melt Down Ice Cream Truck, Nipomo, Nugget Markets, Paula Miller, Polish & Pout, The Posh Posey, Ramona, Ready Set Confetti, Shimmer and Stain, Sugar Bits Custom Cakes, Sun & Soil Juice Company, Tan Weddings & Events, Téa, The Blog Bloc, Two Roads Event Co., A Well Stocked Home, West Elm Roseville, Whole Latte Love Coffee Bar, With Grace and Love Events, Yolo County Visitors Bureau


*Special Thanks to the Venue: Park Winters 
Park Winters on Instagram 
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Photography above by: Sarah Akiyama
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I wanted to share a bit of the event branding process below,
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