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Summer Sandals

By : haley 3 Comments

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Once again you guys I opened up on my summer shoes and found one pair of busted Rainbow sandals. How does this happen from one season to the next? This makes more sense if you read this post. Luckily that means I must not have spent any money on summer shoes last year–go me! But this year, I need to invest in a good summer sandal. So I’ve displayed for you the choices I considered before buying. I like to do a big search and see what’s out there before I give my final answer. I went with 1,5 & 6. 1 & 6 haven’t arrived yet but I think they should be good basics for mixing a variety of outfits with. I will say #5 is super cute and goes with many dresses and adds an instant cool girl vibe. BUT they do hurt real bad around the ankles. I need to find a way to cure this. I did wear them for about 4 hours and an entire trip through the mall & Ikea–so maybe that’s not a fair measure. Let me know if you have any secret fixes for this. Toodles!

3 thoughts on “Summer Sandals”

  1. #6 is definitely my favorite.
    and what a great price point!

  2. love all of these! #7 is my fave though!



  3. I just love those colette sandals! Also obsessed with the ankle wrap, Splendid just came out with some adorable ankle wraps, and if you’re interested the prices aren’t even too high! I found them at Macys 🙂



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