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Smoky Hollow

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With halloween being the wind is our sails this week, we chose to hit up Folsom Lake to bring you this eery photo montage. By my side, we have Emily of Ensemble Styles and behind the lense is our favorite local photographer Susan Yee!


We started with small smoke balls and then upgraded to full on smoke sticks! The balls lasted about 10 seconds, the sticks lasted close to a minute.


Pink smoke? Say no more.


We didn’t know what to expect when lighting these off but they’re truly beautiful. They start out slow as the color grows dense, I was playing with the smoke against my silhouette by flapping around the wind with my duster. I love how the smoke is creeping with the ground brush.


To be honest, I’m wearing a nightgown. I liked the relaxed romantic feel of it against the moody backdrop.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066

I know these colored smoke bombs have been done before but I love how each photo captures a different color, density and flow against the crisp air. I consider it an art form. Just because someone has painted before doesn’t mean I’m not going to try it, “because it’s been done”. That’s what creativity is all about for me. Try something for yourself and put your own spin on it. An art form can change, improve and become more polished by each individual who tries it.



Happy Halloween–stay spooky!

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