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Skipping the Tights

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I never put away my summer dresses. I actually have them on a rolling rack in my dining room. Ya, we’re currently a little tight on space. But moving in 3 weeks! Why do I keep them out and not store them away in the plastic bins lining my closet? Well because I know I can layer them up for fall winter and spring. You know me, I get bored and want to push the limits with the clothing I currently own. Given that it’s mid-winter I’m getting creative on ways to stretch my wardrobe a little further.


my 4 quick tips on transforming that summer dress into a winter ensemble:

1. select a neutral colored dress: I like to avoid bright yellows, hot pinks and oranges this time of year. They just feel too summer-y to me but hey that’s just like my opinion man.
2. choose a heavy coat: I’m wearing a sleeveless dress under this. So I need to retain as much heat as possible. You can layer a long sleeve shirt underneath too. Try and go for the same color so it’s not jarring when you take the coat off.
3. bundle up on top: add a textured or patterned scarf to give your look another dimension. Add a beanie for extra warmth.
4. go bare legged. You should be warm enough if you really pack on the layers on top. But if it’s really cold where you live tights would work just fine too. I just like the look of heavy on top, minimal on bottom.
5. pick the right occasion: if you’re spending the night out at a bonfire or taking a bike ride, probably not the place for this ensemble. But if you’re just jumping out of your car into a warm building it just might work. It’s normally like 55 during the day here, so I don’t experience very many harsh winter conditions. Obviously I’m not suggesting anyone got get pneumonia while trying to pull this off. Use your best judgment.


This big structured H&M coat is one of those purchases I got sucked into because I tried it on in the San Francisco store and the lady standing next to me was like “you’re getting that right?” At that point I had no choice. When strangers tell you do something involving clothes you listen, no questions asked.


I hope you enjoyed my tips! If you try them out tag me in your outfit photo on Instagram @colourmeclassic. Thanks!


dress: nordstrom
jacket: h&m
sunnies: zeroUV
boots: zara
fur stole: urban outfitters
purse: zara


photography: Cloth & Lipstick

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