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Sacramento Locations Pt. II

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Here is part II of the Sacramento locations series! Thank you for your great response on part I!

We have so many cool spots around our town but can be hard to find, especially if you don’t live on the grid. Riding my bike around these streets for the last 4 years has helped me scour cool murals, alley ways and interesting photo ops. If you haven’t seen part I, check it out here.

Without further a do, let’s jump right it:


Paraguay’s Restaurant Google Street View

This is place is Instagram heaven. From the gorgeous tile floors to lush back patio you’ll be sure to enjoy your time here. They even have a private events room that is to the 9’s.


Convention Center Google Street View

Cool spot for an urban photo shoot or just somewhere to go walk around if you’re in need of a new perspective.


 Crest Theatre Google Street View

You have to appreciate each and every detail you see when entering this historic building. Be sure to look up and down while in and around this location, the floors are ceilings are beautiful!


CSA Parking Lot Google Street View

I like the old peeling paint here, the coated layers of different colors give. Could be fun location for an athletic urban shoot. If not, just come play some hoop!


Del Paso Blvd Google Street View

The Words on Walls series was quite a cool art installation to hit Sacramento in 2013.
5 poets paired with 5 designers to translated the words into beautiful typographic pieces appearing on walls around .

The one I’m standing in front of is by William Leung. If you want to see more I have a few blog post shot on location, see here.


Golden State Plaza Google Street View

If you’re on a walk near the capitol you can cruise through this art inspired plaza. A good way to get a change or scenery or new perp sec


Mural behind Blood Source Google street view

This is a definite hot spot for photo shoots since it popped up last year. Take your best friend or lover here to show them, “we’re all in this together”.


Convention Center Google Street View

Fun spot to sit during the weather tolerable spring months. Bring a book or a friend to catch up.

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I hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know if you visit any of them!
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