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Sacramento Locations Pt. I

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My boyfriend was in a time crunch yesterday for a school project. He had to create a shot list of 15 different locations to record a video for his film class. After loosing time hosting our business’ launch party this weekend, he asked me if I could go snap a few photos of my favorite locations to shoot around town to help him out.

At first I was annoyed, I was like really? I’m busy enough, dude. Then I remembered I already have hundreds of photos of my favorite Sacramento locations from shooting blog photos over the past 4 years. I dug out the archives on my hard drive and got moving. I thought I’d share with you, what I shared with him.

I hope you can find a new place to explore, shoot or even photograph! For each spot I left a quick tip about why I like the spot, places to check out or eat nearby.

Please let me know if you end up visiting any of these spots, I’ve included address’ and links to the Google Street Views so you can check them out before hand. Enjoy!


Fuller Poles Google Street View

This 3D piece was created by the Saul Bass studio in 1964. They are responsible for designing the AT&T logo, Quaker Oats, United Way & United Airlines. Along with Alfred Hitcock’s story boards and film titles. Read more about them here.


C st. Warehouse Google Street View

There are several cool warehouse over on this street. Head down the col de sac for more options.


Central Library Google Street View

I’ve been inside the library once for Sac Fashion week. It’s equally beautiful on the outside. If you’re in the mood for a treat, head to Temple Coffee or Andy’s Candy one block down.


Sacramento Ballet Google Street View

If you come here to check out the mural, you can hop over to Goldfield for drinks and music, 1630 J st.


City Hall Garage

I love coming up for shoots or to run the stairs for a workout. Every side of this parking garage has an amazing view.


Tower Bridge Google Street View 

This is a fun spot to bike across or just wonder around. When it gets really hot in the summer I come up here to cool off and feel the breeze. If you’re looking for extra action, it’s right next to Old Sac.


Sacramento River Bike trail Google Street View

I love riding my bike on this trail. It’s nice to watch the boats passing by. You could also come here to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July or a River cats game.


International World Rose Peace Garden Google Street View

Basically I just love cacti, that would be why I included this spot. My friend Vanessa took me to this Arizona-like garden last year–I’ve had the hots from it ever since. It’s great spot for a walk, run or to chat with a friend. You’ll love the textures and variety of cacti.


Contagious Color Mural Google Street View

This is my favorite piece LC Mural & Design has done. This isn’t the best area of town, but it’s worth it to come see the art. The color washes extend much further than this photo shows and on both sides of the street. Without a doubt, a great photo opp.


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