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Rosie The Riveter

By : haley 3 Comments

062 3 5 17 8 Let’s talk head scarves. Since it was easily over 105 degrees every day last week I made a little deal with myself. I decided “hey, I’m not going to straight my hair anymore.” If nature brings on this crazy heat, they can’t expect me to put more heat on my head, right?! This scarf was a great alternative to actually “doing” my hair. It keeps the fly aways down and covers any possible frizziness going on. I’m sure these were the exact thoughts of the infamous Rosie the Riveter, when she working in the cockpit of an aircraft  during World War II. Haha kidding. Another alternative to straightening your hair could be adding some palmaid to the ends. I’m not much of a hair product person but lately I’ve been using an Aveda product called “control paste.” It adds fun texture without the grease and was only $20. Not bad for something that will last a few years. Here’s the link, if you’re interested. I can’t put my hair up in a pony tail, so these are my best short hair in the heat alternatives. How do you deal with heat and your hair? Shoes: Zara // Clutch: Target // Dress: Forever21 (old) // Belt: Target // Head Scarf: Modcloth

3 thoughts on “Rosie The Riveter”

  1. You look beautiful in these pictures. I love your dress and your headscarf. I love straightening my hair but lately it has just been way too hot for that so I have been allowing it to be pretty much natural.

    Tracy @ http://www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  2. The head scarf looks FABULOUS!! I’m loving this look on you, and those shoes are adorable.

  3. I totally love head scarves and should wear them more often. they’re especially practical for dirty hair days…

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