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3 thoughts on “Re-Brand 2018”

  1. […] may have noticed the re-brand around here, if you’re interested in taking a closer look, see this post! Thank you for reading, I super appreciate you […]

  2. So fun to see the evolution. Love the topographical overlay! And I like the “serious” headshot best (I’d characterize it as “gracefully strong”), but both are great. Hip hip hooray.

  3. The first headshot interestingly juxtaposes a feeling of power and vulnerability, which I find so captivating. That photograph, like your style, appears timeless and universal; and presents that contemplative element your aesthetic conveys. I love it that despite the significant changes, your brand stays true to who you are – as an artist and as a person. I still struggle in regard to my own brand definition and direction, and it delights me to see those who succeed in their own evolution. Cheers!

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