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Rainy Day

By : haley 5 Comments


umbrella: urban outfitters $18
coat: j.crew 30% off today
top: freepeople
pants: similar
boots: zara or similar


Let’s talk about this coat real quick. I ordered it on a whim and figured I would return it. I bought it purely because I like the clean lines, color and buttons. When it arrived I realized it was double cloth with thinsulate lining. This coat is like a shield. Not to mention I love the fitted waist line, round collar and inseam pockets. I don’t normally spend money on jackets but I decided after much debating that it was worth it. I literally laid it down on the couch and walked by it for 5 days while repeatedly trying it on.


I’ve been having a little too much fun with the painting lately. I’ll calm it down soon and stick to one color or paint style. If you guys wouldn’t mind giving me some feedback on which image you like best. Since this is so new for me, it would be great to get your perspective. My goal is to not drown out the looks with the paint.

14 5

I made some of these water color paintings by using an eyedropper to insert water or paint in random areas.

86   9


photos & painting by: me


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5 thoughts on “Rainy Day”

  1. I like the watercolors. Even the black stripe paint does not distract in my opinion..The rain was my fav.

  2. that coat is so gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  3. These pictures are amazing! You do such amazing things with watercolors! Love the coat as well!

  4. Girly, you are so talented. I have never seen anyone incorporate pictures into their posts like this, very original. I am a huge fan of the rain drops, as well as the second to last photo (or any with the rainbow-esque colors), the accentuate rather than over power the clothes. Looking forward to more great posts from you!!


  5. You are way too talented! I thought you had just found some really cool murals in Sac. lol. I love the raindrop picture! And I say it was a good decision to keep that coat! Especially since it’s raining here this week 🙂


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