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Productivity Boost

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I’ve been talking to many friends lately about getting motivated and how to start betting on themselves. It’s so easy to get hyped in the moment and talk big but sometimes our actions don’t always follow our speech. I’ll admit I have days where I’m in resistance to working. So I’m going to show you the video resources that I listen to on a daily basis to help me stay positive, productive and peaceful.

Another part of these videos are expanding our awareness of our inner world, the mind and the soul.
Oh, and I’ve never understand the Oprah phenoma until these, you bet your buck she’s going to be making this list. She is mad woke!

I’ve split the videos into 2 categories, so you can choose based upon how much time you have or how open you’re feeling.
And we always have time for personal development right? I mean why else are we here?!


Oprah Essences Festival 
Feeling: You might cry! …54 mins

KRS-One Lecture
Feeling: You might not be ready for this. But if you’re feeling like expanding your mind way far beyond a comfortable place, this is for you!


TEDx: Feelings, Handle Them, Before They Handle You
Feeling: Hey, we all need to check ourselves from time to time

First the Pain, Then the Rising
Feeling: You can’t run from the pain that was meant for you!

Motivation is Garbage
Feeling: It comes and goes! Drive is the constant, motivation is fleeting.

Please let me know if you watch any of the videos! DM on Instagram, I’d love to chat about these topics!

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Photography by: Josiah Velasquez
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