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Porch Life

By : haley 2 Comments


I live in a place where there are four distinct seasons. Naturally, there’s not much I enjoy more than a well fitting jacket. I’ve been looking for ONE additional coat to add to the closet this season. I’ve been wearing the hell out of this camel one, and thought it would last longer if I got another banger.

Here’s the story. I’ve pinning coats like mad these last 3 weeks because I knew it would be nearly impossible to find one post christmas. I found this EXACT style I’m wearing on Zara in grey with a nice subtle pattern. I don’t want to link to the jacket because it will make me sad just looking at it.

My co-worker kindly reminds me of the yearly post-Christmas Zara sale. I check the coat everyday for 3 weeks prior making sure it’s still in stock. On Christmas day I set my alarm for 7 am to log on and snatch this baby up because I KNEW it would sell out ASAP.

Alarm goes off, as I wake up on the air mattress at a relatives house after 3 hours of sleep due to someone forgetting to turn the heater on (*cough* Herbert). I log on and find the coat is still IN STOCK! Hallelujah! I then, make my first ever mobile clothing purchase, I know lol. (I hate shopping on my phone).

I go on with my life getting middly more excited each day to wear it, I already selecting which sweaters it will work best with. I come home from work a week later and start wondering, why hasn’t that darn coat arrived yet?!

I log onto ON TRAC (the worst company hands down, you guys know it too!!!!) to find the package was delivered two days ago to my doorstep. Are these folks delusional?! Does my neighborhood look safe enough to leave things on the doorstep???? HELLLLL NO.

I have a fenced backyard which you could easily drop that fish over. I have one sad bush you could have tried to hide it under. OR better yet you could have NOT left it at all and re-delivered. You had ONE job. PUT THAT PACKAGE IN MY HANDS! #SMH.

I quickly log onto to Zara to see if its still available. You already know the answer to this. SOLD OUT. Duh. After a few calls to Zara they refund me and I never get the coat for said reasons.

I’ll add more redeeming factor at the end of this post…


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One upside to this story is I ended up noticing a coat in my closet that has this haggard fur attachment on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fur stole but this one consumed my frame.

I realize this small fur baby was DETACHABLE!! I couldn’t tell before under all that synthetic fluff! I’s pretty similar in style not so much the cut or sophistication, but hey, it will do until next season!

sweater: madewell // boots: nasty gal // sunglasses: forever21 // purse: rebecca minkoff // glasses: UO
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Photography by: Tavio Valencia
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2 thoughts on “Porch Life”

  1. That camel coat is seriously amazing!! I need to learn to take advantage of the Zara sale!


  2. girl losing packages is so unbelievably frustrating! maybe you can find the gray coat on Poshmark??

    xo, Maddy

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