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Playing with Polka Dots

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Hello Hello! I hope every one had a nice weekend. My cousin came and stayed with me this weekend. It was fun to be a tourist in my own town. I am still discovering new things about my city everyday. I recently entered this look into Modcloth’s Chic in Snapshot contest on Instagram. There were so many rad entries, it was great to see how everyone is transitioning their wardrobe for Fall. I also found a ton of new adorable fashion blogs to follow, yippie! Such as…Here, Here & Here.

It’s not quiet Fall yet but I was excited to whip out these black booties from their closet hibernation. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the cut of this dress. Somehow it manages to make it look like I have cut arms. HA! This is far from the truth, but I’ll gladly accept this illusion. If you haven’t checked out ShopRuche.com you are missing out! They are so many adorable vintage inspired dresses. Any time I have to attend a wedding or something semi-formal I always head over to their site. Alright end of my babbling, take a look for yourself…

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