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Periwinkle Me

By : haley 6 Comments

I found this dress at Urban on sale a few weeks ago. Those of us with less on top, love a good sweet heart cut for a little extra extenuation. My other reason for choosing this was the color. I made a vow to myself that whenever I find blue, green and purple tones to buy them if they fit well since those are the colors that compliment my skin tone. I can be extremely indecisive when it comes to clothes. My advice would be to just bite the bullet and buy them. Hello return policy! Plus, chances are you aren’t going to go back for it. If you do, you’ll be annoyed at yourself the whole time for not buying it previously.



jeans: Gap // dress: Urban Outfitters (similar) // heels: Zara (same style and brand but a silver tone) // Necklace: Old Navy (similar) // Clutch: similar


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I wasn’t feeling my slimiest of this day but wanted to wear the dress so I threw on boyfriend jeans underneath. You guys probably know my trick by now. Judging by  this and this post.


photos by: Styl(e)volver

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6 thoughts on “Periwinkle Me”

  1. i would have never thought to pair that dress with boyfriend jeans but it looks absolutely spectacular!

  2. your makeup looks amazing! love this!



  3. This color really does look amazing on you! Good idea on buying clothes that are the colors that compliment your skin tone. I fell for something mustard the other day and I really hate the way it looks with my skin 🙁 Anyway, you look amazing!

  4. I like your new layout of the blog with the first page.

  5. Cute necklace and love your hair.


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