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Parabo Press Party

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Christina planned a photo swap for us ladies to chill, chat and admire each others Parabo Press prints while snacking on delicious treats. I was excited she asked me to host the event at our studio, Common Space Sacramento!

It was a match made in heaven with the white decor and beautifully decorated table and prints.


How good did they do with the snack spread?! Lemon bars are my #1.


I love craft paper + white ink, add in cute printed ferns and it’s a packaging knock out…Almost too cute to open!


No idea what I’m laughing about here, probably snap chatting some shenanigans.

ParaboPrintParty-13  ParaboPrintParty-50

Please don’t tell my boyfriend how creepy this photo of me is holding his picture. Ha! Just kidding, I sent this photo to him right after downloading it!

ParaboPrintParty-64 ParaboPrintParty-65   ParaboPrintParty-77  ParaboPrintParty-86ParaboPrintParty-84 ParaboPrintParty-87ParaboPrintParty-74

Christina printed photos of us from our last event. See post here.

ParaboPrintParty-107 ParaboPrintParty-112

It was really easy to use the Parabo app, I quickly selected 25 photos from my camera roll and Instagram feed. I didn’t have to do any cropping or frame fitting, which is a huge time saver!


Attendees/Lady Bosses:

Andrea- @the.andrealove
Christina- @christinabestphotography on behalf of @parabopress
If you’d like to order a set of prints, use my code: HALEY
The fine print: 1 code per customer, can’t be combined with any other codes, expires 4/30/2017, code covers 4” square prints but you can pay extra for 5.5” prints.

Photography by: Christina Best Photography
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