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Opposing Fast Fashion

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The name Colour Me Classic wasn’t picked over night. It took days of carefully mulling over names. I’m up in my head a lot thinking and always looking for patterns/themes in the world. I studied fashion as an outsider for years. It seemed to move so quickly. I thought how could anyone keep up? Even if they had an infinite amount of money and time to spend researching and buying the latest styles. It would be a never ending hamster wheel. 2

I selected the part of the name Classic because I felt this was the only way for me to be able to approach fashion from a practical standpoint. As you know, this blog doesn’t boast of trends. I love skipping new ridiculous trends. But I will sometimes give in or at least try it on. It’s ok to pass on more trends than you take a liking to. I encourage that behavior actually.

I felt I needed to say this after I watched this video, here. (min. 3:55–Love Jenna Marbles btw) I never want people to feel like fashion has to be their whole life. That’s why I’ve been trying to share posts called “life lately.” It has become overly consuming to me at times, but I have to remind myself to step back and evaluate what really matters to me in this life. That being said, keep shopping your own closet. Think about the lifetime of a piece before you buy it. I do some showy outfits with lots of color to stay true to the name. I am more open to trying out new seasonal colors, hence the part of the name “Colour”. Style is about figuring out what works best for your body type and life style. I know fashion can be seen as thriveless so I wanted you to know my standpoint. Where do you stand?

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