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I’ve finally allowed myself to manage monthly social media accounts again. It’s a lot lighter and more fun this time around. I had many reasons in my head why I couldn’t do it. Yet here I am, on month 3 with Saigon Alley. Month 2 with Epy Pilates. With a few more in the birthing stage.  

I allowed myself to begin directing video again. I’m allowing events to flow back in.

It’s a challenge as I have wounds in all these areas but the real healing is facing them again. 

There’s something floating in around yoga, art classes, dance, meditation.  


Moving Forward:

My camera and I have been hanging out more often. 

There are things I do right now in work, that I super don’t love. I’m talking loose your shit, scribble, tear through a piece of paper faster than god knows what. I’ll write myself promises to stop, but then when it comes to test me again I’ll sort of fall for it. Awe and the lesson reappears! 




The only thing I’ve really enjoyed about building these websites has been the photography, story, and illustration aspects. I do enjoy creating messaging, building story, sometimes I do get off a little on organizing all of it. Then it starts to feel heavy. People say wow you’re so good this, you’re an angel, you’re so reliable. I honestly can’t imagine not being this way anymore. It feels foreign but maybe there’s a balance between your north and south node, a happy place, for now. The old has shaped us, the new propels us. The shedding continues. After all, everyone is fascinated to see a snake shed its skin. 


We had a family friend is Minnesota, named Thor. We called him The Interloper because he would travel between Otter Tail and Walker lake to make his social rounds. The joke was each lake liked to keep to itself and have its own community. Thor just didn’t see it that way, I tend to agree.

As much as I’m an enneagram 9, peacemaker, I do enjoy a good debate and stirring things up. Don’t even ask about my middle school years. Eeek! I’m not sure how exactly I’m doing this interloping, I just know I’m called somewhere between these two groups of people that don’t typically enjoy each other’s viewpoints. And well I’m just open minded enough to see the overlap and invite in debate, potential healing, and common ground. I don’t know if I simply meld these two groups, invite them to just be together. Maybe there isn’t a definitive answer, just simply an understanding. 

Let’s just say I was sitting in my room alone on a Saturday night and saw these 3 messages pop up in a row. I was like alright! I’m there. Went the next day, saw the whole thing unfold in front of my eyes. Does that title slide, The Great Work, look like a girl walking through the world that is upside down, and moving between two places? 

This is what I saw in succession the evening prior. You can imagine my sideways face when I saw the last image. ?! Wish me luck!


–I wanted to share this mood-board because I’ve been doing a ton of design lately. 01, 02, 03

Design is great and all but this month, I felt the deep pull to let go of 3 clients. You actually loose more money and happiness when you’re no longer in alignment with your spirit is wanting to head. 

I had this big dream of becoming a successful packaging designer. I do love packaging yet I’m realizing I’m better suited to create art. Let the opportunities find me and my style, then allow someone else do the production work. I need to be free and create in the same manner. Or to create artistic backdrops for photographing packaging.

Here’s what I mean…

I painted this backdrop and love creating this idea for fashion, makeup, or wellness products. 

Designing your website, prepping your files for your print DOES NOT excite me. Thank you for the opportunity but I gracefully leave this behind to those who are ready to embrace it. Been there, done that, has never felt so good to say. If you need me, I’ll be making dope ass patterns and paintings to adorn your product packages. 

See this backdrop?! CMC Paints can now enter into the wild, equipped ladder. 

Do you still what I’m saying with painted backdrops now?! Photo above by Ju Lu. 

And last but not least, set design! More on that soon! 


Diamonds Await Me!


Oh Hai, you! 

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