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No Clothes for 6 Months

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I’ve talked a few times on Instagram about how I went on a no shopping binge for 6 months. I wanted to see how much I could prosper in other areas of my life, when I’m not dumping my money into the latest arrivals on Asos.

Why I Did It:

–To gain respect and value for the pieces I spend my hard earned cash on. When you spend less, you own less, I believe that creates greater appreciation for the items you bring into your life.

–While being at a contracted job for 8 months, I wasn’t sure what my financial situation was going to be month to month. When I finally decided to go freelance, I placed a halt on the consumerism cycle, from April – October.

–The ability to put money into assets for our business and continue saving for a house.

–Time Gain. A good portion of my time was spent arranging my day around returning items to Fedex, or exchanging in store. I wanted to become more intentional with my time.

How I Did It:

–I stopped visiting online shopping sites. This was/is a huge temptation for me. I would just open up Free People and browse the latest arrivals. Then find beautiful pieces and start to imagine all the ways I could style it or what it would pair well with in my closet. Then be constantly thinking about what I could buy, instead of how I could add value to the world.

–When I felt the desire to shop, I turned that energy around into creating something. In the back of my mind, I know many of my purchases came about because nothing is peaking my interest at that stage of my life. In turn, I inadvertently create interest for myself by shopping. Instead, I became a lot more engaged in my work. when I created now, I work in the mindset of creating something I L-O-V-E, rather than just trying to finish it.

Shopping Hacks to Not Spend Money:

–Buy, Trade, Sell. I luckily had a ton of old pieces I could trade in at FreeStyle or Crossroads. Sell 5 pieces, take 5 home, or save that cash!

–Dig up old gift cards. I surprisingly had a ton laying around and was able to snag a few pieces that got me through summer.

–Check out your grandparents house, find some pieces you could pass down. What’s better than a piece with sentimental value and a cool story behind it? This fisherman’s cap used to be my grandfathers-how cool!

–Ok, I don’t really want to admit this one but I’m just going to do it for the sake of transparency. I’ve shopped at Nordstrom pretty frequently over the years. I really like their selection of designer jeans. I’m not really a fan of cheap jeans, based on my body type, so it keeps me coming through their doors. Anyway, I went in and exchanged a decent amount of old clothes there. I felt a tad bit trashy doing it, but I’ve been a customer since I was like 16 and will continue to go back. Is this me justifying? #idk

How to Know if it’s the Right Time for You:

–Do you have a goal that you feel like is being held back by your current financial situation?

–Are your priorities shifting? Are you putting money it something that no longer brings your highest excitement?

How I Approach Shopping Now:

–It’s fall, so its high temptation time for me. I’ve purchased 6 items this fall. I feel myself falling back into my old ways, but I want to reach a balance.

–I don’t purchase unless I find myself thinking about the item when getting ready. If I think it would extend the usage of the current pieces I have, then it’s a go!

–Shop at places that have an extended return policy. Nordstrom & Anthropologie.

–Think about it for a few days, the excitement wears off and you can make a more sound decision.

–Add it to your cart and wait for a sale.

–For me, thrifting works really well for tops, belts, you could easily save some money in those categories.

How do you save money when shopping? Any hacks? Have you ever done a no shopping stint?

*Photos are random outfits from through out October.

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Photography by: Josiah Velasquez
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