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Move Loot: Sacramento

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As you may know, we moved into a bigger place about 9 months ago and we’ve been trying to fill in with furniture. I love minimalism so it can be hard to add pieces to the home even though we clearly need them. Our kitchen is a big open area. We normally just use it for random dance party sessions between J and I. I kind of didn’t want to let go of the space because I know we needed to get an island and chairs for more storage and counter space.

I normally would start to peruse craigslist, which can be a total nightmare. This time around I decided to try Move Loot, which just launched here in Sacramento! So happy to see this business expand beyond the bay area!


We found an island for a pretty good deal through Joss and Main. Then decided to get a stylish pair of lucite stools from Move Loot, can you believe these are used?! I thought the lucite would be a fun way to add in a punch of a glam to a mostly industrial looking space. It will be a great place to eat breakfast and congregate with friends!

The experience coming from Craigslist moving to Move Loot is like night and day. Let me know walk you through my experience and some of my favorite parts.


How cute is their delivery truck?



–You can submit photos of your piece, they can either accept or decline based on the quality.

–Once the item is accepted, they PICK IT UP for you (how awesome!)

–They will take nice, bright, clear pictures in their photo studio, definitely beats dark photos in your garage!

–They help you price the item and hold on to it before it’s sold. AND they deliver it to your buyer, taking out any chance of a creepy parking lot encounter or having to beg your bestie to borrow their truck.

–If your items sells you can redeem the money or you can apply that money to picking out a new piece of furniture on the site.

–If the item doesn’t sell within 60 days, they will save you a step by donating it for you.



–They inspect the furniture to see if the quality and style fits the brands aesthetics. You won’t find many Ikea items which is nice change. I could use a nudge towards more unique pieces for our home.

–The website is super easy to navigate. I loved that pieces were already separated into categories: new arrivals, sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, storage, beds, decor, office, featured and sale. This makes it nice if you are looking for something specific or just want to browse the latest items.

–Shipping is free over $299. You can select the delivery window. They even include assembly of the piece, if needed!



We’re already feeling re-inspired about our space. We’re now able to sit and talk with each other while we cook. Where as before everything was just too spread out and we didn’t feel like we had an area where we could connected in the kitchen. We even had a much needed business meeting here last night, something we’d been putting off for the last few months. Funny how a new arrangement can bring better energy and flow into your home.


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