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Most Liked Outfits 2014

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I wasn’t feeling much like doing a year in review for outfits. But once I got to looking back on the archives I was suddenly re-inpsired. Why are we always so hard on ourselves? I only tend to remember the last month or so and then judge myself upon that. Reflection is so important. Seeing a set of work as whole says so much. This blog may not always have the most jaw dropping outfits or expensive pieces. What it does have it consistent content and constantly changing. Here are 11 favorites looks from the year.


If you’re interested in how to check your top looks. Try using the app InsTrack. If you’re not using this yet, I highly suggest it. It shows you who unfollows haha. Also shows your most liked media. I think that’s super interesting to study the composition of an outfit or photo and try and figure out why it did so well. Then you can replicate your method and improve upon it.


Sorry for the small photos, these are from before I launched my site re-design.






2015 Blog Goals:

–smile in photos (why the constant resting bitch face?!)
–keep incorporating paint into blog posts and IG photos.
–make the posts more editorial and magazine feeling. I’ll need to use design skills in this area so it’s a win win.
–keep remixing. I always get so excited when I buy a new item. I’ll remix it a few times and give up. I know I can take it further. *fist pump*
–buy a white, black and pink seamless + studio lighting to occasionally shoot indoors. I know this sounds like un-fun and limiting. But I can paint and put patterns on the photos in post production. So many possibilities!
–buy a nice purse. I’ve avoided this one all year long. One interesting thing I noticed in all the photos from above was that I only use clutches. How dumb! A working lady is busy and needs a dang purse! Promising to step that game up as well.
–make content that matters. Less random outfits with no purpose. Have a strong angle and stick to it!



Thank you so much for reading! All of your comments are super inspiring and sincere, means the world!

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