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Misses Mint

By : haley 13 Comments

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Hi all! This post is me signing out at a 24 year old. I will be ringing in my birthday in about 2 hours! I’m pretty excited to be 25! I think it will be a powerful year that will hold much growing and changing. One of my goals before the time I turned 25 was to have a well established blog. I feel extremely happy and grateful for where it is today. Thanks for continuing to follow <3

Oh yes, I suppose I should address the outfit photos I’ve got going on here. This dress is beyond for me. It’s everything in one. It’s got color, a great cut and pretty embellishments. It’s also the first dress I’ve altered myself—with help of course, thanks other Haley! I picked up this number at Cuffs in midtown a few weeks ago. They were having a 30% off sale. So instead of buying a NYE dress as intended, I left with this beauty for $13! I’ve been referring to this piece at my “Jasmine” dress. It’s oddly similar in color to that of Jasmine’s getup in the movie Aladdin. Tell me you don’t agree! Also, please excuse the color variation in the dress between the photos apparently sports and portrait mode do not agree on color! Alas, I need to stop using auto settings. Anyway, what can I say I love these heart tights,my knobby knees are forever thankful. Both coat and tights are from Modcloth.

So tell me what we’re you up to when you we’re 25? Or what do you hope to accomplish by the time you land at a quarter century? Toodles!

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13 thoughts on “Misses Mint”

  1. love the jacket and tights youve paired the dress with

  2. First, Happy Birthday! Second, this dress is AMAZING! And so are the tights. The entire outfit is pretty much to die for. You look fabulous, as always!


  3. Seriously, that is an awesome dress! And way to go on alterations!

    Happy 25th! I hope it’s a fab one!
    By the time I’m 25, I want to have taken a sewing class and learn how to make dresses!

    Blessings, dear!

  4. Happy Birthday! 🙂
    Love the dress’ color and the jacket!

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  5. amazing dress!!!! the color is flawless!!!
    Happy Birthday 🙂 celebrate like the rockstar you are!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. I’ve been debating on whether or not mint could be a winter color! Love it!

  7. I love details in your outfits! These tights are so cute!

    xo Rach
    Rach.E.Cakes – A Life and Style Blog

  8. Happy Birthday!! That dress is gorgeous and the color is beautiful. You look stunning!


  9. I just love that dress. The detailing is so ornate and the color looks great on you!

  10. This outfit is amazing! And I love your poses! Happy late birthday!!

  11. […] $12 at my favorite local boutique Cuffs. I have the best luck there with vintage items. Remember this green number I wore a few months back? Yup, that’s another Cuffs find. This outfit puts me […]

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