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Metal Blade

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The BF actually wanted to be part of a photoshoot so of course I wasn’t going to say no. He’s been on a few times prior, if you’re curious see: here, here and here.

J is obsessed with music, concerts and technology. His style is exactly duplicative of that. He prefers t-shirts or tanks, a shoe lace belt, carabiner key holder, lots of black and skinny jeans (always skinny jeans.)

Yes, he wears long necklaces occasionally and has a penchant for boat anchors. I’m talking anything from anchor wallets, keychains, t-shirts to phone cases. We all have that one common theme we go back to whether it be a pattern, color, shape or animal. For me it’s owls (decor, necklaces, rings, graphic prints, etc.) What’s that “thing” you’re known for wearing or collecting?