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Manly Style

By : haley 1 Comment

shirt: Target // pants: Bullhead  // shoes: Vans // belt: shoe lace (you know where to find one) Guys out there: find a pair of soft warn in khakis. Go for a material with a bit more saturation to them. When the material is too light, they look out dated and tacky. A lot skate shops carry good fitting khakis. Give them a try! Really tight t-shirts weird me out, but a ribbed button ups seem to more forgiving. Hope you all had a good weekend!

One thought on “Manly Style”

  1. Girl! What a man. Ribbed Henlys are for sure my fave on a dude. Kellen may or may not be in one on the blog tomorrow… Clearly we have great taste in men too 😉

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