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Living a Colorful Life

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It maybe the onset of summer or hitting the 5 year mark post college graduation but I’m just ready to chill out. I’m tired of always rushing from event to event. I’m sick of bragging about how busy I am all the time. I’m done with stressing out things that just don’t really matter in the long run. It’s so easy to give yourself a migraine over something that isn’t a big deal. I’m done with taking on so many things that cause my mind could just about implode. Life isn’t about chasing the busy.


Life is about living with intention and enjoying the people and events around you. I’m just ready to kick back and live a little. I no longer feel guilty if I don’t write on this blog space everyday. It feels amazing to have a new set of priorities. I’ve spent 5 years chasing money, work, people and creativity. Now I’m ready for a period of rest. Let this brightly colored wall be a testament to that. I no longer want to create or own things that I don’t love. I’ve been one to often settle for a less brilliant plan, creative execution or product based on being busy and needing to just get to the “next thing.” The world doesn’t need more half assed work and projects. I really want to focus and create things that have meaning to myself and those around me. I know you can’t do that all the time but I want to make strides towards it.

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To top it all off, I just found this article that speaks to how optimistic people have one thing in common: they’re always late. Which cracks me up because I’ve spent the last 5 years telling my boyfriend who rude and selfish it was for him to be late. He would always tell me what’s the point of running your day rushing to get to an event, when the whole point of the event is to evoke joy. I suppose he’s been onto something this whole time.

Here’s to taking life a bit slower, listening to our intuition over our ego and creating more thought provoking work towards a cause we love.



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