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Light Layering

By : haley 0 Comments

Now is the time to combine those thin sweaters and light button ups. Don’t be afraid to keep your lighter colors in rotation too. Just add a rich color then the outfit instantly becomes fall-sih. I usually try to avoid wearing yellow and black together, it seems a bit too bubble bee-ish. This worked ok because the light grey broke up the two colors. It’s strange because my two base colors for most outfits are black or yellow, so you can imagine my pain every time I go to style an outfit. I’m really excited about this hat I found at Target. It’s got great shape and has an interior liner for keeping your head warm and not slipping off. My prediction is we will be seeing a ton of these ball beanies throughout fall and winter. This “clutch” is actually an ipad case but I decided it was a better fashion accessory than a tech one. How do you guys feel about buttoning the top button? I realize this is a lame boring topic, but I’m addicted and can’t stop buttoning all the way to the top.

Beanie: Target // sweater: old navy (similar) // pants: Urban Outfitters // heels: Urban Outfitters (same)